Questions and Things to Look for at a Baby Stroller Exhibit at a Baby Show

A stroller can be the key to freedom for you and your baby. When you walk into the baby show and suddenly see all the stroller choices in front of you, it can feel overwhelming. Not all strollers are made the same. While an expensive stroller may look and feel modern, it may not have the features that are going to be important. With the right questions and knowledge, you’ll be able to navigate your way through the strollers until you find the right model for you.


Single or double stroller is an easy question to ask yourself but, once you’ve decided that, there are still questions about size to ask. Before going to a convention centre full of baby equipment, measure the trunk of your car or the space where you plan to store your stroller. Take those measurements with you to the baby expo. Either take or ask about the measurements of strollers when they are folded down so you’ll know if you have the space for the stroller of your dreams.


Jogging, single, double, sit-n-stand, or an umbrella stroller are just a few of the options from which to choose. Ask an expert about what style of stroller would be right for you. Explain your needs and how you plan to use the stroller most often. For example, those that want to run or take the stroller on trails may be happiest with a jogging stroller. However, if you want to shop at a department store, a jogging stroller’s large wheels and wide turns may cause problems.

Folding Ease

It’s best to understand how the stroller is folded down before you purchase. If you can, try it out yourself while at the baby expo. Look for models that have a one-handed closing mechanism because you are going to need to hold a baby and diaper bag while closing the stroller. Check that the locking features are secure and lock automatically. You don’t want the stroller to collapse with your baby in it.


Babies require a lot of gear. Strollers with extra storage will allow you to stow your diaper bag, lunch, and extra baby equipment so it doesn’t need to be carried. Some strollers come with zippered pockets and elastic pouches to hold pacifiers or extra bottles. Cup holders are another storage feature that helps keep your hands free. Many strollers also include cup holders for the rider as well, which is nice once your baby is ready for a sippy cup and snacks.

A baby convention full of baby strollers is an ideal time to take a few for a spin. Test them out, fold them down, and narrow down your choices until you’ve found the right stroller for you.