4 Key Packing Tips for Your Next Big Move

Preparing for a move can be worrisome. You have a lot of things to consider when you are starting a new job or changing your morning commute. Getting adjusted to the new area is hard enough without having to worry about coordinating with your Furniture movers near me. Let’s consider the common pitfalls in moving and how to avoid them with these packing tips, below.

#1: Replace Procrastination with Preparation

It is inevitable that you will delay packing up your belongings before a move. It can seem like all your possessions are cemented into place, and that it causes psychological anxiety when you even think about relocating them. Our homes are set up for our maximum comfort and often have things placed in a manner that we can’t imagine changing. In order to get over the procrastination, simply repeat this mantra: “Packing right now is important!”

#2: Write Out a Packing List

Once you are in the correct frame of mind that considers the urgency of preparing for the move, write down a list of items that you absolutely need. If you live alone, you can probably get by with using just one plate, glass, and silverware set. Think minimalistic and be prepared to alter your lifestyle a bit for a couple weeks before the move. If anything is not critical, it will automatically wind up in your invisible pack-up ASAP list. This can be winter clothes, extra shoes, cleaning supplies, China, cooking utensils, pots, pans, children’s toys, extra bed sheets, etc.

#3: Start with Big Boxes

When you pack the items in your home, first consider how those packages will be transported. An unbalanced box that is full of articles of inordinate weight will be difficult to carry. You should never put heavy objects in large boxes. Always reserve large boxes for things like quilts, winter jackets, pillows, and light materials. These materials should have equal weight and will be easy to balance if they are all made of similar fabrics. Once you have the bulk items packed, you will feel motivated to keep going.

#4: Start Spreading the News

Before you pack heavier objects, stock up on newspapers or other packing materials to keep them secure in the boxes. Most heavy objects have odd shapes that require you to fill in the boxes with packing materials for safety. For objects of medium weight that are made of plastic, you want to use medium sized boxes. Heavy objects like China, knickknacks, silverware, pans, shoes, and jewelry boxes should be carefully packed in small boxes and wrapped with paper. Don’t forget to label the contents of every box.

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