7 Great Uses of Wooden Wine Boxes for Gardeners

Gardeners are able to get out and enjoy communing with nature and grow to their heart’s content from spring until late fall. Incorporating the use of wooden wine boxes with your gardening tasks is a beneficial use that serves you well all year long.

1- Seed Packet Storage

Add separations to the inside of a multiple wine bottle wooden box that is big enough to store packets of seeds. You can separate them into areas for the various types of seeds you grow seasonally. Use different boxes for fruits, vegetables, flowers, and other plants. Planting your garden will seem easier when you have everything organized and ready to go. You can see what you need in an instant. The information at Ekan Concepts is useful and can provide you with additional insights.

2- Bulb Storage

Bulb plants require a good selection of healthy bulbs kept in the right conditions before planting for the best results. Use medium to large size wine boxes to store all of your bulbs in a safe, dry spot. It’s perfect for collecting them at the end of the growing season to expand your garden next year.

3- Small Garden Utensil Rack

Hand-held garden utensils can get lost under clutter if kept loose in closets, garden sheds, or utility rooms. Pick a wine box that is large enough to hold all of your utensil essentials and gloves. You’ll never wonder where they are ever again.

4- Planter Boxes

Plant a batch of flowering plants or start seedlings by filling wine boxes with rich, moist soil and adding your chosen varieties of seeds. You can move them easily around the yard, greenhouse or go from inside to the outside of your home within minutes.

5- Cutting and Trimming Tray

Do you love to clip a selection of fresh flowers from your garden each day to decorate your home? Use a small wine box to place all of your fresh clipping or trimmings in to save as flower arrangements, or easily dispose of unwanted items. It’s a creative way to reuse your wooden wine box collection.

6- Transplant Box

Transplanting things from pots to the ground is made easier by grabbing a wooden box for wine that has plenty of space to hold the plant as you walk it to the new location for planting. It’s less messy and gives you complete mobility for the task.

7- Fruit and Vegetable Containers

Harvest time is fun and you can finally enjoy the rewards of your gardening labor. Gather all of your fruits and vegetables in wine boxes that can then hold the edibles until use. Your kitchen will look amazing with a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables on display from your own garden.

One of the best uses of wooden wine boxes is to repurpose them to help you in creating and maintaining your garden.

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