4 Ways You Can Get People to Help You Move

If you are planning a major move in the near future, chances are you could use a few extra pairs of hands to help the process go smoothly. However, some family members and close friends might not be available when the movers get there. If you are looking for some help to assist with packing, unpacking, and cleaning the old house while preparing the new one, consider asking the following sources to assist.

1. Neighbors

A friendly neighbor might be willing to alert the electric company technician who comes to switch on the electric at the new location. Actually, the neighbor might just need to point out the vacant property if for any reason there is doubt, or to indicate which apartment is the target if doors are not clearly marked. Neighbors are also helpful in watching for intruders until the former home sells, or if you know them well, they might keep your pets for you on moving day.

2. Coworkers

Coworkers are often willing to pitch in when needed if you have a solid working relationship. This is especially true if you have helped them in the past or would do so in the future. It does not hurt to ask, as they may be able to cover a shift for you as you get packed up to move or wait for the movers on the big day.

3. Religious Associates

If you are a member of a religious body of worship, such as a church, synagogue, or mosque, chances are you know many people there who are willing to help each other in times of need. Letting them know of your moving plans, they may offer to bring over sandwiches or a hot meal so you don’t have to cook, for example. Some congregations regularly post news of this sort in their weekly bulletins or online so that members can help each other.

4. High School Students

You may have a yard to rake or mow and carpets to vacuum before moving out or relocating to a new property. Some high schools require service projects for students as part of their required curriculum, and you can find out whether your move might qualify to help students meet this particular academic credit requirement. In lieu of credit, students often work cheaper than professionals for generic tasks like lawn care and housecleaning jobs, so you may be able to hire them instead of a professional cleaning crew or landscaping business to help out.

Moving is hard work, but it is also an exciting event. Ask others to help out if needed and be willing to return the favor or pay a fair wage to those who assist. Visit Hudson Movers to learn more

7 DIY Tips for Protecting Your Plumbing

Not every plumbing issue demands the services of a professional plumber and sometimes you can avoid issues altogether. In fact, your plumber would probably be happy to know that you’re practising good habits as it reduces the chances of him or her having to respond to an emergency late at night or early in the morning. The following are some of the best things that you can do to prevent a sudden emergency.

1. Don’t Pour Grease Down the Drain

One of the best ways to avoid drain clogs in the kitchen is to watch what you are putting down the sink and this includes grease from cooking.

Pouring grease down the drain once may not clog the drain but after a few times, you could have a problem on your hands. Not only does it clog the drain but you won’t always be able to wash it away with cleaning products and you’ll eventually have to call the plumber to force it out.

2. Maintenance Checks

Every once in a while, especially if you suspect an issue, you should inspect various parts of your plumbing system. You’re looking for leaks, cracked hoses, and other issues. The hoses in ice makers and washing machines, for example, are prone to cracking so it’s important to check for bulges in the hose.

3. Don’t Treat Your Garbage Disposal as a Trash Can

People love to throw food down into the garbage disposal; obviously, that’s why it’s there, but your plumber will usually suggest scraping large chunks into the garbage before washing the rest in the sink. You’ll avoid clogging the drain or breaking your garbage disposal.

4. Drip Your Faucet to Avoid Frozen Pipes

If you live in an area that drops to freezing temperatures in the winter, you may become a victim of frozen water pipes. One of the ways that you can prevent this is to allow your faucets to drip slightly, which keeps the water moving so that it doesn’t freeze.

5. Avoid Chlorine Tablets

Some people like to put chlorine tablets in the tanks of their toilets but this is generally ill-advised. The tablets disintegrate but the residue can get caught in your toilet’s flushing components, which could prevent the toilet from working altogether.

6. Watch What You Flush Down the Toilet

You should avoid flushing anything other than toilet paper down your toilet, especially if you have delicate plumbing. Hair from brushes, dental floss, and bandage wrappers commonly get flushed but they may also clog the toilet. Even wipes that are advertised as “flushable” often aren’t and you might not want to flush these either.

7. Know What You Can Handle

Not every job will require a professional plumber but many jobs definitely do. It’s important not to attempt DIY fixes if you aren’t sure what you are doing as this can create bigger problems than what you started with. If you aren’t sure how to handle a situation, don’t hesitate to call your plumber and ask for advice or request a service. You can learn more information at Drain Rescue.

5 Benefits of Hiring a Certified Locksmith

Repairing or replacing the commercial or residential locks is common. The services of a locksmith are necessary when you lock yourself up, lose the keys, buy a new house, and locks stop working, or re-key or change the locks. However, insist on hiring a certified expert to update your security systems correctly and on time. This article looks at the five benefits you will enjoy by working with a professional locksmith.

1. Properly Trained

The lock making industry has many persons who claim to be experts since they can complete simple lock jobs. Some of these firms are frauds and are after stealing from you. To receive the licensing documents, the service providers undergo extensive and rigorous training at accredited training institutes. After the sessions, they gain credentials, qualifications, and security clearance required for this nature of the task. They understand the installation approaches and functions of different locks, making them the ideal candidates to deliver valuable and accurate security guide to clients.

2. Expertise Knowledge

Qualified locksmiths are conversant with the trending news on technological improvements and deep facts relating to the security systems. The professionals have mastered the approaches used in enhancing accuracy in the security industry. Trained lock experts will perform the installation services in an efficient and timely way as they give brilliant recommendations on safety principles likely to suit your property.

3. Bonded and Insured

Replacing or repairing locks job is prone to damages. The highly regarded firms have transferred risks likely to happen while at work to the insurance companies to protect your properties and their staffs. Ensure that you pick an insured entity to protect your resources, as those without a cover will force you to pay for any broken parts.

4. Well-equipped

The leading specialists in this field have the basic tools and equipment for their functioning. Uncertified entities lack the essential equipment to complete the work within a short period. They have to outsource the gears, which leads to delay in the job execution and overcharged artistry. Avoid such operators as they can even interfere with the condition of the lock.

5. Reliable and Reputable

Another advantage of employing qualified locksmiths is their reliability and reputation. Such professionals usually work for well-established outlets. The candidates have worked in the lock field for several years making them the perfect persons to handle your project. Workers deliver outstanding services to protect their company image.

The risks of working with an incompetent locksmith outweigh the rewards. Take your time to study the available service providers before making any decision. Go through their reviews and testimonies from friends who have used their services to confirm that they have the capacity to handle the assignment. Ascertain that you put your trust and security in the hands of a trained, bonded, skilled, insured, well-equipped, and reputable firm. Find more online information and resources at the Bee Safe & Lock Inc. website.

Signs You Have A Hidden Plumbing Leak

One of the most costly types of plumbing issues to deal with is a hidden leak. Many homeowners have small leaks in their pipes and are not aware of them because the pipes are buried deep in their walls, foundation or ground soil outside the home. These leaks may go unnoticed for months or even years in some cases, and they can result in the incredible expense of wasted water. A plumber can help you to accurately diagnosis the presence of a hidden water leak. However, before you call a plumbing company for assistance, you may consider observing your home for some of these tell-tale signs of a leak.

Moist or Lush Areas in Your Yard
Leaks in the ground soil in your yard can be particularly difficult to identify, and they often require the homeowner to be observant with the condition of the yard in comparison to how much water the ground has received. For example, if it has not rained in several days and if you have not watered the lawn, you can look at your yard carefully to determine if any areas are moist. Some areas, such as under trees, may still be somewhat moist, but an area that receives direct sunlight and that is still moist may be an area of concern.

Unexpectedly High Water Bills
If a slow leak has recently developed on your property, you may notice a gradual increase in your water bills over the following months without just case. Because water bills can fluctuate on a monthly basis, however, this can be difficult to identify. In addition, if your leak has existed for several months or longer, you may have already grown accustomed to paying more than necessary in your water bills. Another idea is to compare this year’s usage to last year’s usage. A dramatic increase without cause may indicate the presence of a water leak in your home.

Unexplained Moisture in the Home
Some homeowners may notice unexplained moisture in their home. For example, if you have a leak in a pipe in your foundation, you may notice that an area on the kitchen floor keeps developing a puddle. You may have even thought that it was strange that someone keeps spilling liquid in the same spot each day. You may also notice a wet spot on the wall or ceiling. Because this may be from a slow leak, the area may simply remain damp without actually dripping or puddling.

Plumbing leaks that go undetected can cause expensive wasted water, but they also can cause property damage, unnecessary erosion and even mold growth.

Image Credit: CertifiedPlumber